Train your supervisors to communicate in a way that resolves issues and your employees will stay.

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Half-Day Workshop

Keynote address followed by team building leadership game

Colene customizes keynote presentations and corporate workshops to deliver insight targeted for immediate impact to each organization.

As an HR professional and Human Capital Consultant, Colene knows the right questions to ask to learn an organization’s pain point and then address these challenges to help the company live out their value statement.

This workshop helps organizations discover their leadership strengths and weaknesses.

The team building exercises are fun and engaging, while challenging the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values. They are designed to help leaders uncover gaps and areas for improvement within their leadership teams.

Learning Objectives: 

  • A deeper dive into company goals and values
  • Learn how effective leadership builds successful teams which lead to increased employee productivity
  • Learn the ingredients of leadership to combine with recognition to reduce turnover
  • Interaction and edification in a relaxed atmosphere which strengthens the team
  • Learn the values and concerns of coworkers
  • Apply the information through small group breakouts

Keynote Speaker | Leadership Coach | HR Consultant | John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach